SIZELAB Granulometer

Particle Size Measurement

The traditional ICUMSA method for measuring particle size distributions using sieves is very labour intensive. It includes weighting of the sample, sieving the sample using multiple sieve sizes, then when sieving is completed the residual fractions on each sieve have to be carefully weighed and when all this is done the sieves must be washed before they are ready for the next sample.

Using the SIZELAB granulometer, size distributions can be measured using only a fraction of the manual work and time compared to the sieving analysis and the automated measurements and calculations ensure consistent, accurate and easily accessible results.

The SIZELAB granulometer is designed specifically for analyzing sugar crystals, but can be also used for analyzing granulates of similar sizes. In addition to measuring size distributions it can also measure and detect additional features such as conglomeration, elongation, ruggedness, symmetry, transparency and many more.


The SIZELAB XF has a feeder that can load up to 10 samples automatically, allowing for unattended analysis of multiple samples.

See the demo video below to see how it works.

Download SIZELAB XF flyer


The SIZELAB can be set up to continously analyze particles coming directly from the production line providing live data. This can be used to regulate production processes, check if screening sieves are damaged and to ensure that the right product specification is transported to the silo.

How Does SIZELAB Granulometer Work?

SIZELAB is based on camera technology. Images of each single particle in a sample is extracted and analyzed. This information is used to extract the size and other features of each particle.

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