Product and Packaging Inspection

Automatic Quality Inspection

We specialize in camera vision technology and how to integrate this into production processes. Our inspection and grading systems can be added almost anywhere in your process where an inspection or quality grading task is required.

By using on-line computer vision to analyze objects for deficiencies, our inspection systems are able to signal an external system immediately when a product does not meet the proper acceptance criteria. In many cases this will save vast amounts of recovery work and steer clear of customer claims.

Inspection of Foods

When dealing with foods, one challenge is the harsh environments another one is system reliability. We have developed a robust fully automated on-line system that can stand to these challenges. The system is able to gather color and structural information about the pieces passing on a conveyor belt using our own proprietary scanning system.

Inspection of Packaging

The importance of a properly packaged product is known by most producers. One open or damaged package can cause the customer to return a whole shipment. Being able to verify the packaging and just as important, to document the packaging, are major factors to avoid customer claims.

Using our camera vision technology we are able to quickly implement a system that can inspect your packages according to your needs.

System Features

Most of our systems have a capacity of 50-500 pieces per minute, depending on the application. All our systems are network based and can be controlled through the streamlined browser based TraceIT online system.

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