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Artificial intelligence and machine vision systems for manufacturing and processing industries make it possible to automate the process of measuring and analyzing sugar crystal size distributions and reduce the need for manual labor.Get an overview of our digital solutions

Streamline workflows and reduce your need for manual labor in the laboratory


Increase your testing reliability with automated sampling of sugar crystals

SIZELAB In-Line at sugar factory

Determine the sugar size distribution directly in your production line


Analyze your sugar crystals color and black spots using AI technology

Nordic Sugar Nakskov


Automated measurement and analysis of sugar crystal size distributions increases testing reliability and frequency

At Scangrading, we provide AI and machine vision systems that help sugar factories automate measurement and analysis of sugar crystal size distributions. This increases testing reliability and frequency, reducing the need for manual labor.


Increase your factory's efficiency through our full service concept

Our system integrators will assist you in adapting new equipment to your existing process. We provide full service to ensure that you get the most out of your automation.

Eyðfinn Egholm – Chief Project Manager at Scangrading